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Chartered Accountancy and

Business Advisory Services



Be Partners in Success

We want to play a key role in helping our clients achieve financial success by understanding their business and giving timely advice when necessary.

Simplify Financial Complexity

We will simplify what can often be complex financial matters to our clients making them easier to understand and navigate. 

Build Trust Through Transparency

We will always be completely transparent with our clients about financial matters, focusing heavily on clear, concise communication.

Seek Innovative Financial Solutions

We will always have a commitment to innovation.  We will continue to seek new and better ways to serve our clients.

Provide Personalised Financial Solutions

We will focus to provide our clients with a tailored solution to their needs rather than a 'one size fits all' approach.

Provide Peace of Mind 

We will provide our clients with the peace of mind of knowing that their financial matters are in order. 



I have been fortunate to be in this profession for almost two decades. I have spent some time working in industry, but most of my experience has been in practice, where I have spent the last seven years as a Director. Working in practice has allowed me to help multiple clients across various sectors.


What sets me apart as a practice accountant is my industry experience and dual qualifications. I initially qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant with CIMA, a credential that has equipped me with a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by my clients. Subsequently, I furthered my professional growth by qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Chartered Accountants Ireland, broadening my expertise and capabilities.  


In the last seven years, I have gained extensive experience in an advisory role while continuing to maintain my clients' compliance responsibilities.   


I continually seek to better myself and truly believe that, as an accountant, I continue to learn and improve daily. The world is constantly changing, and new technologies and solutions are continually being released. I think it would be impossible to properly service clients without keeping up to date with these.  


I aim for JJH Advisory to offer my clients a 'boutique' accountancy service.  I will be able to provide my clients with an experienced eye to look past the numbers on a page and to provide accurate, valuable advice.

I enjoy meeting new business owners and offering my help where possible. If you would like to meet for a cup of coffee, please feel free to contact me.

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JJ Hannaway 
Company Principal

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Arthur House, Upper Arthur Street, Belfast, BT1 4GB​



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